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Delphy's Hot Chocolate

We will always love you!

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One of the things that my mom loved to do was make things to comfort others, especially on a cold glumy day. One "Comfort Food" that mom loved to make was a special hot chocolate mix. We had a big Hobart mixer back then that mom really loved using. You know, the kind you see in restaurants and bakeries. In it, she would pour in each one of the ingredients very slowing trying not to create to big a cloud of dust. I want to share this recipe with you:

Delphy's Hot Chocolate Mix

1 large box of Carnation Dry Milk

1 large box of Powdered Chocolate

1 large bag of Powered Sugar

1 large jar of Coffee Mate

This is a huge amount and you can probably mix it in really big bowl by hand, but stir slowly or it will make a big mess. This mix filled one of big two gallon Tupperware containers. Anyway, mom would fill a coffee cup about not quite half way with the mix and then pour a little hot water in and give it a good thorough stir. Then she would add more hot water until it was about a half inch from the top. Sometimes she would add little white marshmallows and other times it was colored marshmallows, to make someone smile. Either way, on a cold winter's day, nothing quite beats a scrumptious cup of mom hot chocolate.

Friends and family often stopped by and visit. Seldom did they call advance, that's why mom was always prepared. In the winter months, we have a nice warm fire going in our fireplace and if folks saw it, they knew that could stop in and get warmed up and sit a spell. Mom loved visitors and entertaining. She was a lot like Martha Stewart that way. Always friendly and enjoyed making people happy. She always had an abundance of funny stories to share. It made her so happy when she could make someone smile. Her philosophy was, "Always leave laughing and looking forward to another visit."

For this reason, I have an Articles area, where you can submit stories that you remember and would like to share with others. Please register and login to access this area.

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