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Delphy's Mashed Potatoes

We will always love you!

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One of mom's favorite things to make was Mashed Potatoes. Whenever, we had company over for dinner, they always looked forward to mom's mashed potatoes. I remember when we had the missionaries over, that was their favorite thing to eat. Of course, we also have some mixed veggies and some kind of meat, like chicken, meatloaf or fish. I especially remember one elder suffered from stomach problems, but mom's mashed potatoes always calmed it down. We tried one dinner fixing something different, because we thought they were getting tired of mashed pototoes. I never saw a more sadder look than when this elder didn't get his mashed potatoes. It was so cute the way he said, "Awww, no mashed potatoes? That's my favorite part." We all laughed and from then on, mom made sure that she had her famous mashed potatoes fixed just special for the elders. I trully miss those days. Here is her recipe and how she made them such delicious mashed potatoes without any lumps.

Delphy's Mashed Potatoes
Enough to feed 4 hungry elders and our family of 4, seldom did we have leftovers.

First thing mom and I would do is peel and then wash 12 large white potatoes. She would then cut them into big chucks about an 3/4 inch thick. Then she would boil them until you could easily poke a fork in them. She always used the pot with the rounded bottom to do this. Then she would drain off the water and add a good size spoon full of butter and either Miracle Whip or Mayonaise depending on which flavor she wanted to enhance, usually it was Miracle Whip, because had more zip to it. She would also add just enough milk ,about 1/2 cup, to make it smooth and yummy. You have to be careful adding the milk. If you put too much, it will make it too runny and not fluffy. Then she would add McNess Gourmet Seasoning, I have since found out that Mrs. Dash's Herb and Garlic give it just about the same great flavor. I haven't seen McNess Gourmet Seasoning around for a long time.

Side Note: Mrs. Dash has a whole bunch of different flavors and I am sure you will get a real kick out of trying different ones with your potatoes.

Now back to my story...errr...I mean the recipe. She would also add a little salt and pepper, just a pinch or two. Now for how she would get it lump free. She NEVER used a potato masher, instead she would use her electric mixer. The same one that you use to make cakes. This is where using the pot with the rounded bottom really came in handy. It wasn't like a wok with a totally round bottom. This pot was flat on the bottom with a rounded edge, perfect for the electric mixer. When she got done it was smooth and very fluffy.

I am sure that you will also enjoy this simple method for making perfect mashed potatoes.

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