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Game-99 Bricks

We support good, clean, fun games!
Check out the Scraboku game below.


The object of this game is to stack the
bricks as high as you can without losing any.

Click here to learn more about this fun game!

Scraboku brings the letter fun of "Scrabble" and
number fun of "Sudoku" together in one cool game.
Use the Sudoku puzzle on the left to place the right number in each
square to find the hidden words that will answer the questions below. 

Can you figure out the missing word in these question sentences? They are all hiding in the puzzle above.

  • The town was first called ______ in 1878 in honor of Smith ______, president of the Selby Copper Mining and Smelting Company. (Same 3 letter word)
  • The state of ______ was admitted to the union on October 31, 1864. (6 letters)
  • A very generous fellow on December 24 might be seen with these? (3 letters)
  • Three letter name given to a boy or a small or insignificant amount or degree?  (3 letters)
  • This word is something to rest in after a hard's work. (3 letters)
  • Another word for a friend. (3 letters)
  • A female might sit on a man's ______ (3 letters)
  • At some parties, there is game where you have "_______ for Apples" and get your head all wet.  (3 letters)
  • After you do that, you will then be able to _______ your reward.  (3 letters)

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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