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We support good, clean, fun games!
While you are waiting for your game to load,
please fill free to check out the Scraboku game below.


The object is to match three or more to remove from the board.

Click here to learn more about this fun game!

Scraboku brings the letter fun of "Scrabble" and number fun of "Sudoku" together in one cool game. In Scraboku-UCK, your challenge is to NOT use the letter "F", however, if you enjoy that word, we hope enjoy this game. This puzzle is the ONLY place it is allowed on this website.

In this Scraboku version, the middle section has all of the combinations for the letters "UCK". The object of this game is try to make the various words that appear below and complete all three columns with 1-9 in each column as well as have all nine number in each of the three sections.

The mystery word in the left is someone that needs a lot of room to manuever on the road.
Can you guess the who it is?
Use this  to find the answer.

amuck cluck lucked shuck truckers
buck clucked luckier shucked truckful
bucked clucks lucky shucker trucking
bucker duck muck shucks trucks
bucket ducked mucked snuck tuck
bucking ducker mucks struck tucked
buckish duckers mucky stuck tucker
buckle duckie pluck suck tuckers
buckled duckier plucked sucked tucket
buckler ducking plucker sucker tuckets
buckles duckpin pluckers suckers tucking
bucko ducks pluckier sucking tucks
bucks ducky plucking suckle unbuckle
chuck huck plucks suckled unlucky
chucked huckle plucky suckler unpucker
chuckle hucks puck suckles untuck
chuckled knuckle pucker sucks untucked
chuckler knuckled puckers truck untucks
chucks knuckler pucks trucked yuck
chucky luck ruckus trucker yucky

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