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Shows Teach Kids

writes, "(Khumba) Missing half his stripes and rejected by his herd, young zebra Khumba begins a perilous trek across the Karoo desert to find the rest of his stripes. It's a fun movie about not judging and making friends, not bullies. "
Alright Family night movie of the week is Khumba . In this movie it teach's acceptance. As well us not judging someone by the way they look. I would give this movie 5 stars. It was absolutely amazing . It is about a boy zebra who is born to the leader of the pack with only half his stripes, he is judged and picked on to the point of wanting to go find the other half of (him) his stripes. I wont spoil the ending. Now I have to say it's movie's like these that make me have hope. It teach's our children not to see race or skin color or imperfection in anyone. To always look past the cover and see what's on the inside, rather than judging. It's important for us to teach our children this, because not every child has the greatest life at home. Lot's of kids go to school looking for hope, and your child could be someones hope of a better life just my simply being a friend. It's important to teach our children not to judge or bully and to help others, before it's to late. I can not stand to watch the news anymore with all the school shootings, and killing's that could have simple been avoided by monitoring what our children are watching, playing and being taught. I hope that you guys enjoy this entry and stay tuned for more :)
Have an amazing weekend.


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