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Shows Teach Kids

Up A Pixar Animation Studio
writes, ". Directed by Pete Docter, the film centers on an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Edward Asner) and an earnest young Wilderness Explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai). By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Carl sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and to complete a promise made to his late lifelong love. "
Up is another winner on my list. I think it's an amazing date night movie or a family movie. It's about an old man who looses his wife and want to carry-out the promise he made to her. In the time he is trying to complete the promises a young boy in boy scouts goes to the mans to door and ends up taking the journey with the young man. It's a wonderful movie full of color and love and joy. I love the base for the movie. It's just and all around great movie in my opinion. And I would defiantly recommend it to be watched. Weather you choose to make it a fun date night movie to spark some love in the air or as a family movie with the comedy and talking dog!!


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