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Stock Market Information

Latest Articles in Basics

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4 Investing Mistakes to Avoid By Asad Gourani, AAMS®, APMA® Each person's individual investing strategy may be different, but there are things every investor should avoid. Many individuals start investing with little to no education about the markets and learn the hard way by losing money. Instead, take note of these four investing mistakes

Loss Aversion: How Avoiding Risk Can Increase... Everyone likes making money.  Seeing an investment go up in value is a good feeling that we all enjoy.  But we truly hate losing money.   Research suggests that the psychological pain that we experience from losing money is roughly twice as strong as the joy that we feel when we gain the same amount of money.

Why Robots Are Bad Financial Advisors By  Joe Allaria, CFP®  In an age of rapidly advancing technology, more investors are opting for DIY financial planning and  investment management  platforms. These trading platforms, retirement calculators, and auto-rebalancers are increasingly sophisticated, but many investors will learn in the next major market

5 Things To Do 10 Years From Retirement By  Eric Nelson There's a red zone both in football and  retirement planning  where the game is often won or lost. For football, it's 20 yards from the goal line; for  retirement , it's 10 years from your target retirement date. As you move down the playing field towards your goal, you may need to huddle up and

5 Criteria To Consider When Selecting Stocks By  David Robinson, CFP Stock  investors  face a tough challenge in choosing where to invest. Reviewing the massive amount of data available on public companies is vital for assessing the quality of companies and determining whether they’re suitable for their portfolios. But, it can be an arduous process. When

Even At These Highs, Trust The Economic Indicators With the major stock indices all edging higher again and close to record highs, it is only natural that some investors are getting nervous, even if only on the basis of “what goes up must come down”. Nervousness, however, is an emotion and it is common knowledge that basing investment decisions on emotional responses

Apple (AAPL) Launched New Products Yesterday:... Eventually, according to conventional wisdom, Apple (AAPL) will go too far. The theory is that at some point, their strategy of making incremental changes to the suite of iPhones available while hiking prices with every change will meet with consumer resistance. That sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t work in

How to Invest During Volatile Markets By Steve Economopoulos, CFP, ChFC, CMT To be a great investor, you must adjust your mindset and focus on what really matters during volatile times. Headlines will be great at causing fear and confusing a waffling investor. Although it may be difficult, it's best to avoid the hype. Here are some tips for how to

What Is Contrarian Trading, And How To Do It?... Shutterstock photo Most investors are aware that a contrarian approach to investing is a good idea, even if they don’t use that exact phrase. “Buy low and sell high,” is a strategy so obvious that it is usually uttered in a sarcastic way, and Warren Buffett’s famous advice to be “fearful when others are greedy

A Checklist for Assessing Your Investment Risk By Kris Maksimovich, AIF®, CRPC® According to a  landmark study  on prospect theory and risk aversion in investing, people are more likely to be concerned about avoiding loss than they are about the possibility of gains. When it comes to successful investing, we can see how that stance might be counterintuitive.

The Tradeoff Between Spending and Investing By Herbert Kyles, AWMA® You’ve heard it over and over again: spend less, save more. It’s one of the most basic pieces of personal finance advice and for two very good reasons. First, some things in life cost more than what you can make in a month. For example, when you buy a house, you need to make a down

Are You an Investor or a Gambler? Shutterstock photo Imagine this scenario: you’ve just flipped a coin in the air 10 times, and somehow, all 10 flips came up heads.  Now, if you were asked to say which side, heads or tails, had a higher probability of coming up on the 11th flip, what would you say?  If you’re like most people, you would

What First Time Investors Can Expect By Kevin Simpson How do you invest? Learning to invest takes some practice and practical hands-on application before you master it. Before you get going, here are some tips on what to expect: Tax Implications When you work, you get paid for your work and the government takes a portion of that income through

Beware of Bad Stops Stops are one of the most important forces in forex trading, both where the market places its stops and where you place yours. In this article, I will focus on where to place your stop. There are several ways traders place stops. Some base it on the amount they are willing to lose on a trade. Others base it on the

How To Research A Stock To Buy: 4 Things To... Shutterstock photo There are many things that pique an investor’s interest in a stock. It could be an article on the internet, or a segment on business TV. Or it could be that they notice a new product or service that they think will be a big success and look for the company behind it. Whatever firsts grabs

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