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U.G. - Banners/Ad Zones

 User's Guide - Banners and Ad Zones

The Banners and Ad Zones are a great way to gain online exposure for your business or any other listing, such a car you want to sell. They are highly visible and easy to create! You can even add your business card to our "Business Card Billboard Banners" which can be seen on our home page and on our      buiness directory right below the categories.

Your banner or ad zone may need to be approved by the website administrator before becoming visible on our website.

Both of the Banners and Adzones are accessed through the Banners icon. In order to add or edit a banner or Ad Zone, you will need to login to your User Control Panel and click on the Banners icon that is circled in this image:

Once you have clicked the Banners icon, you will see a tabbed menu similiar to this: 

As you can see, it reads "You curently have no active banners." This will change after you click on the Add a Banner tab and start adding some advertising graphics. So let's start there.

Add a Banner

When you click on the Add a Banner tab, you will see a page that contains all of the Banner/Ad Zone areas that you can use to advertise. These can be used for any URL address your want to advertise or listing make. 

It is important to note that only the top and bottom banners appear on every page of our website. The rest of the banners are actually Ad Zone type banners that appear in the right or left column or in the middle section of the page and can vary in their size limitations.  The column of Ad Zones to the left is what you will see on several of our pages.

To help you choose where you would like to place your ad, click on the (?) and it will give you the information on where that graphic will appear. 

Featured Businesses Banners (?) - $15.00/month
150 x 200 pixels, maximum 83 KB.
Featured Businesses banner credits: 0



As you browse through, please take note of the dimension limitations for that ad zone. Your graphic doesn't need to measure that exact size, it just can't be larger than those dimensions. All of the Bannners and Adzones rotate/change every 15 seconds, which helps everyone get seen more often.

Once you have made your choice, you will then be taken to a page like this:

The "Number of Banners" actually means number of months you want to run the banner. These are also known as banner credits. You will need to purchase at least one banner credit before you can upload your banner ad image. Each banner credit is good for one month. If you like, you can purchase 12 banner credits and run a single banner for a whole year or split the 12 credits between two or more banners for that adzone. For example, say you are a realtor, you could run one banner for nine months advertising your business listing and a second banner for three months at the same time advertising the house you want to sell or three different houses at the same time.

When you are done, click on the "Purchase banner(s)" button and that will take you to the Invoice Details page where you will see an itemized list of the purchases you made along with the total due. Next, you will need to click on the "Proceed to PayPal" to pay for your purchases. From there, you can either click on the "Have a PayPal account?" and then proceed using that method to pay for your order or you can click on the "Don't have a PayPal account?" and use your credit card. 

If you don't have a basic background design for your top or bottom banner, we can help with that also. When you click on the Banner Creator tab, you will see several blank banner backgrounds that measure 468 x 60 pixels to choose from for your banner. You can either download the graphic by right clicking on the image and use your own software like 'Paint' for example to put the text on there or you can use our software. Whichever you would like to do is fine with us. If you choose to use the Banner Creator, click on the little bullet circle  at the end of the banner you want to use and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Continue' button to proceed to the next step.

Now you will see your banner on a page similiar to this:

On the right side of the screen, you will see some Tips to help you create your banner. You can play with the various numbers and then you can click on the 'Update Preview' to see how your design is looking. When you get done and have it the way you want, click on the "Accept Banner". This will then take you to a page with your finished graphic where you will need to download the graphic to your computer for safe keeping and then you will be prompted to upload this banner image when you setup your ad. When you download your image, it will save it with the name "banner". At this point, you should rename your graphic for better identification purposes.

Now you can go to the Add a Banner tab and the banner zone you chose will say the number of credits you purchased. Now when you click on it, it will take you to a page like this:

Now you can click on the "Browse" to upload the graphic you created, which should be a gif, jpg or png file. Type in the "Destination URL" for where you want the visitor to be sent. This URL must be a valid URL and should begin with http:// or a linking error may occur. Then choose how many months you want that specific banner to advertise, provided you purchased more than one banner credit. It is not necessary to use all of your banner credits at the same time. They will stay in your account until you are ready to use them.

If you have HTML knowledge, you can choose the "Use custom HTML (for Flash ads or remotely-hosted banners). Note: Ad must fit within a 468 x 60 pixel space, and will be truncated to fit if necessary. When you click the option titled: Use custom HTML (for Flash ads or remotely-hosted banners) you will see a field titled 'Banner HTML' appear which is where you can enter the appropriate HTML for your ad image or flash object. When you are finished making your selections, click the "Create Banner" button.

Current Banners
Now when you click on the "Current Banners" tab, you will see all of the banners that you have added to our website and it will look similar to this with your graphics:

Notice the bar above the graphics. This will give you some information about how each graphic is doing and some other information. This is what each one means:

  • Loc....stands for Location of banner and tells you in which area the banner is displayed (top or bottom of the page or other location).
  • URL....stands for Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator, the address of the webpage where a visitor is sent when the ad is clicked. This will also tell you if you put in the address correctly, as it needs to start with http://. If you didn't put that in there, then that is why your graphic did not work properly. In this area, you can also click on the graphic itself to verify that it goes to the correct destination instead of having to wait for it to appear.
  • Impr....stands for the number of Impressions (how many times your ad has been displayed)
  • Clicks....shows how many times your banner has been clicked on by our visitors, if you see an "N/A", that means that it has not been clicked on yet.
  • Expiry....shows the Expiration date for when that graphic will no longer be seen and you will then need to either renew or change the graphic.
  • The last two little boxes are for editing or deleting. Clicking the Edit  link allows you to access the Banner Details section to edit any current information. Clicking the Delete  link will delete the banner. This cannot be undone, which is why it is important that you have the graphic saved to your computer.

Your banner image will not be displayed until after it has been approved by the website administrator.  It will remain in (Disabled) status until that time. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval. Once it has been reviewed and approved, you can monitor your banner ad by returning to the User Control Panel and clicking the Banners icon. This will show you the graphics you are advertising on our website and their status.

If you have any questions, please   contact us.

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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