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U.G. - Restaurant Menus

 User's Guide - Restaurant Menus

This section allows restaurant owners to create an online menu for visitors to see some or all of the tasty meals that you prepare in your establishment.

This helps in the following ways:

  1. It helps draw customers to your business.
  2. It helps the customer decide in advance, what they would like to order.
  3. It helps with catering in deciding what to serve at a business meeting, wedding reception, club meeting, etc.

Before you can click on the image circled in the graphic below, you first need to ensure that your Restaurant is already registered in our Business Directory. If it is not, please refer to the  Users Guide - Business Directory page for information on listing your restaurant.

NOTE: The restaurant plugin graphic  will NOT appear until you have either purchased the "Restaurant Business Listing" package or added it in your Additional Options, that looks like this which is located at the bottom of your business listing:

This is what appears on the "Super Savings Business Listing" package.

Once your restaurant is successfully listed in our directory, you will then see the Restaurant Menus icon, that is circled in this image. Now you will be able to click on it and start creating your online menu.

When you click on the Restaurant Menus icon, 
then you will see a screen similar to this with your restaurant name:

Menu Options

  • Items...Notice the items number is zero when you first go there. This items number will instantly change the second you click on the "Edit". It will automatically give a starting point of some "Headings" you can use or change to whatever you need.
  • Edit...If you don't have a PDF style menu already created, then you can use our menu maker for your menu display.
  • Delete...Warning: Pressing the delete button will delete the entire menu option. Then you will see this message:

At this point, you will need to use the Private Messaging feature to contact our website adminstrator about having your menu reactivated. You will need to address your message to "Admin" like this:

Instead of deleting the menu, it would be better to just click on the PDF option and then once you add a PDF that will automatically delete all of the entries you made manually, without having to contact our website adminstrator.

  • PDF...Instead of manually entering your menu items, you may optionally upload a PDF version of your menu. It is important to note that if you upload a PDF document, this will override and replace any existing menu items that you may have created. Before you try uploading your PDF version, make sure it does not exceed the maximum size of 8 MB. Notice how in this graphic the "Items" number disappears and it says, "Download PDF". This is how you will know which Restaurant business listings that own have a PDF menu and which ones are done manually.

Making the Menu Manually

To make your menu using our software, you will need to click on the "Edit" link. The first thing you will notice is that the menu is already set up with 8 default headings. The heading is the category title for that group menu items. Here is the automatic starting list:

  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Entrees
  • Specials
  • Side Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Wines

You can change or delete any of them, but don't delete all of them. Leave at least one active before you add something under it, then you can go back and change that heading to whatever you want. This graphic shows what your starting menu looks like:

Notice how the last column has up and down arrows. This is called "Weighted Ordering". This is so you can move things on a one by one basis whenever you need to do that. However, if you want to move eveything quickly, then you will need to "Switch to the numbered ordering" which looks like this:

Now you can just enter the order number you want, then click on the "Update page order" button.

Here is a suggestion that works very well, because it puts the groups in the order of presentation also it alphabetizes the items uder that group heading: 

  • Appetizers...100
    • Cheese Puffs...101
    • Cup of Soup...101
    • Fruit Kabob...101
  • Salads...200
    • Coleslaw....201
    • Macaroni...201
    • Potato...201 
  • Entrées...300
    • Chicken Roulade...301
    • Swedish Meatballs...301
    • Vegetable Strudel...301

This is a sample menu we created to help you see how this numbering system works. Of course, you can use whatever numbers you want:

From either the numbered or weighted setting, you can add or delete (by clicking the appropriate text links) any headings you may need and also add new items for your menu.  It may be helpful for you to go ahead and delete any headings you don't wish to use first. If by chance you delete all of the headings by accident, they will automatically pop back in there. This is why you need to leave at least one heading, so you don't have to keep starting over. So if you want a completely different list of headings, first add or change at least one heading that you do want to keep and then you can delete all of the others without any problem.

Adding a New Menu Heading

Now let's talk about the top part where it says to "Add new item" that looks like this: 

Item type:

When you choose "Heading", this does NOT let you put something in the description field or upload a graphic. The description field and graphic are just for the "Product" option. That is why the Product is the first choice the above "Item type" box, because you will be entering more products than you will be doing headings.

To add a new Heading for a new category, switch the Product to Heading. Complete the name field and click 'Add Item'. Leave the other fields (Description, Price & Image) blank. It may look like you can add something and think that it will, but it won't. It will just ignore anything that you entered in those fields and just add the Heading name. If you want a graphic icon next to your "Heading names", you will need to do your menu in PDF style.

Adding a new item

This graphic shows an example of how to add a new item:

In the description field, it is best to type it out first using something like NotePad or WordPad so you can see what it looks like and make any spelling corrections. Then just copy and paste it in there. When you are done, click on the Add Item button to finish. The new item will now display at the bottom of the list. If you are using the numbered version then you need only type in the correct number to put it in the location you want and then click on the "Update page order". If you are using the weighted version, you can click the up and down arrows (in the far right column) to move the item until it is located under the correct heading as shown in this graphic: 

Now you can continue to add new items to the menu until it is complete.

Where is your menu seen?

When you add a menu to your business listing, the link to your menu will display near the bottom similiar to this graphic. Your visitor need only click on the link to see your Restaurant menu. Click Here to see a sample menu of this in action and how it looks when you add a pricelist of the items in your gift shop.

Please   contact us if you have any questions.

Copyright 2018, FallonFun.com

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